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Welcome to Seton Catholic College

Coming to a new school means new teachers, new friends, new subjects and a new school campus, all of which can be very exciting, though a little daunting. One of the outstanding features of Seton Catholic College is without doubt the quality of personal attention afforded to each of our 1041 students.

Set on a leafy and attractive campus, Seton has a wide range of modern facilities designed to optimise learning. We have 105 dedicated teaching and support staff, who work hard to create meaningful learning in a stimulating environment. Seton’s philosophy that ‘every interaction matters’, places value on purposeful relationships between all members of our College community and in turn makes every individual feel valued, safe and connected.

We also take pride in offering a broad and meaningful education that embraces spiritual, religious, intellectual, physical, social and emotional development. Students are encouraged to follow Gospel values and aspire to our College Motto to ‘Seek Christ’ in all facets of their lives.

In recognition of our striving for excellence, a number of Scholarships are awarded each year.

Academic Scholarships for students entering Year 7 - 12
Dux Scholarships for current students
Vocational and Educational Training / Work Place Learning Scholarships
Arts Scholarships
Music Scholarships
Interactions Matter Scholarships
Emilie de Vialar Scholarships
Aboriginal Scholarships



"In whatever field, our students are challenged to strive for excellence in an environment where they will feel happy, safe and comfortable with the person they are becoming."


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Enrolments 2018 & Beyond

Enrolments are open.

We welcome enrolment Applications. Official entry is year 7, however there may be Limited enrolments available in other year groups - please contact us to enquire further.  

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